The ENVY Story.


Envy Accessories are manufactured in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada by a team with a passion for sewing and design.

With more than 20 years experience, ENVY founder Lisa Griffiths loves to customize anything store bought, but especially gear, like bags and backpacks to make them perform better for the end-user.

Envy Accessories came about one evening while Lisa was customizing her friends camera gear.  Lisa knew that her friend liked to hike with her camera, but carrying a camera around her neck had to be exhausting, and how could she keep her camera safe from swinging around when she wanted it readily available for those spur of the moment captures? Often Lisa’s neighbour missed out on great captures because her camera was stowed safely away in her bag.  So Lisa designed her an elasticized harness that her camera could easily be clipped in and out of.   It eliminated the neck strain completely, kept her camera safe against her chest from bumps and scrapes and most importantly her camera was ready to capture every moment along the trail.  After only a few weeks trial, she just couldn’t live without it….and so the journey began.

Lisa has taken her years of experience of working with backpacks, bags and plastic hardware to bring you quality camera accessories designed to last.

New products are added regularly, please check back often.